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Spruce Up Your Decor With a Cowhide Rug: Care and Maintenance Tips

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If you’d like to add a fun touch to your home’s décor, you should think about buying a cowhide rug. These rugs have a unique shape, and they’re available in different colors. You can hang one on the wall or drape it over the couch. Cowhide is very durable, so it makes a suitable rug for any room in your home. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of one of these rugs. How To Keep Cowhide Clean Cowhide repels liquids so it doesn’t stain very easily. Even tough stains like wine and food usually wipe right...

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3 Home Staging Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home In No Time

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Whether you are looking to sell an investment property for a quick profit or sell your primary home so that you can buy a new one, taking the time to stage your home before placing it on the market can make a huge difference in how quickly the house sells. Thankfully, the three home staging tips below can help you to accomplish this goal without spending a small fortune in the process. Tip #1: Keep The Decor Gender Neutral Many homes are bought by couples who are looking for a place to share their life together. While one spouse may be the...

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Tips For Choosing An Area Rug For A Child’s Playroom With A Hard Floor

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If your child’s playroom has a hardwood, linoleum or laminate floor, a good way to make the room feel more cozy and welcoming is to add an area rug. An area rug adds a layer of padding so your child doesn’t suffer as many bumps and bruises when he or she tumbles to the floor during playtime. It also adds a layer of insulation, which is nice when the floors get chilly in the winter months. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best area rug for your playroom: Tip #1: Choose a rug with nylon fibers. Unlike many rug materials,...

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