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Tips For Upgrading Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen can be a great investment for both revitalizing the look of your kitchen while also improving the functionality of this area of the home. To help improve your ability to make choices about the cabinets you install in your home, you should utilize a few basic steps as you consider cabinet options. Decide Whether You Need More Space Or Just New Aesthetics One of the first decisions that will need to be made is choosing whether changing your cabinets is for aesthetic or functional reasons. In instances where you are only wanting to change the appearance of your cabinets, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money by opting to simply reface the cabinets. This will involve replacing the door to the cabinets, staining and finishing the wood so that they have an updated look. When you are needing to improve the functionality of your kitchen, completely replacing the cabinets might be the unavoidable option. Consider Using Cabinets Made From Repurposed Wood The type of material that is used in your cabinets can be a major decision. For homeowners that are wanting to give their kitchens a unique appearance, repurposed wood can be a great option. This is wood that has been reclaimed and restored. As a result, it will often have extremely unique and interesting textures. This type of wood will likely be more expensive than other traditional options, but the aesthetics benefits can more than outweigh these additional costs. Due to the specialized nature of repurposed wood, you may need to hire a cabinet maker to custom manufacture a set for your home. Typically, this can take a few weeks to complete, but it may be longer or shorter depending on the number of cabinets that are needing to be made. Choose Soft-Close Hinges For Your Cabinets Ensuring that your new kitchen cabinets last for as long as possible is essential for making sure that this represents a sound investment in your kitchen. Unfortunately, it can be easy to accidentally close the cabinets with too much force. This can make it possible to chip and crack the wood, and once this damage has formed, it is likely to worsen until the cabinet is repaired or replaced.   You can avoid this type of damage by choosing cabinets with soft-close hinges. These hinges will act to slow the door before it makes contact with the frame of the cabinet. In addition to preventing the door from damaging the frame, these hinges can also greatly reduce any noise from opening and closing the...

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3 Energy-Efficient Lighting Ideas To Renovate Your Home With Green Tech

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When you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, there is a lot of green tech that you may want to consider using, such as the lighting inside and outside your home. If you are doing renovations, new lighting designs can look great and help you save energy. Here are some green lighting design ideas you may want to consider. 1. Installing Automated Lighting  Today, there are many different solutions to add automation to your home; this includes smart lighting solutions. You can install light fixtures that allow you to control the lighting with a mobile device or to program it to adjust to your lifestyle. You can have the lights turn on and off automatically and adjust the brightness. This automation can be good when you get up in the morning, as lights can start off dim and gradually get brighter as you wake up. 2. Controlling Lighting With LED Light Strips LED light strips can be another good solution that you may want to consider for the lighting in your home. The LED strips can be installed in many different places for different lighting solutions, such as under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen or in built-in cabinetry in your home. Talk with interior design firms to see which places in your home could benefit from this kind of lighting. You may also want to consider adding lighting strips to areas like trim, which can be good for a bedroom, living room, or even in a home theater. The LED lights can be RGB, which can allow you to create any color scheme and control the brightness. 3. Adding Solar Lighting For Landscaping Design  On the outside of your home, you may want to consider a lighting solution that does not use any electricity from the utility company. Solar landscape lighting can be a great way to add light to your landscaping that does not increase your power bills. There are even solutions that can give you bright lighting that can add safety and security to your home. For brighter lights, you may need to have larger panels, which can be hidden in things like synthetic stones and other decorative features in your landscaping. These are some green tech lighting design ideas to consider to help you with the improvements during your renovations. If you need help with new lighting in your home, contact an interior design service to help with these green...

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Tips For Designing An Effective Logo Mat

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When you are advertising your particular product in a store that sells many different products, you are going to be competing for the energy, thought, and attention of every customer that walks into the store. In order to make your product stand out from everyone else’s, you are going to need to employ stronger marketing strategies than putting out fliers with coupons or just having your product on the shelves. One easy way to advertise in-store is to purchase custom floor mats with your brand’s logo on them. Here are some ways to make sure that your custom logo mat is as effective as possible. 1. Keep it Simple The most effective floor mats are the ones that simply have your brand’s name and logo on them, rather than a lot of other graphics. You want to choose a color that is significantly different than the color of the floor on which the mat is being placed. You are also going to want to ensure that your brand’s logo is large enough to be instantly recognizable. You don’t want a lot of other graphics because custom mats are different than posters in that people are not going to have their head tilted towards the floor for extended periods of time. Posters that are at eye level are going to get longer amounts of attention because people will naturally look at them since the action requires no effort. You need to make a mat that will remind customer’s of your brand in an instance and not require them to focus on the floor for more than a second. 2. Make it An Unusual Shape If you visit the stores that you want to advertise in and notice that they already have floor mats, you are going to want to make your floor mat different from the rest in order to ensure that customers pay attention to it. One easy way to do this is by making it a different shape than the other mats. By simply eschewing the traditional rectangle and making a mat with rounded corners or a circular mat, you can catch a customer’s attention. 3. Consider Making One Durable Enough to Be Placed Outside Finally, if your brand is very local, such as a moderately popular locally brewed beer, then people are going to come specifically to areas where the beer is sold because they won’t be able to get it easily at major grocery stores in other states. As a result, the fact that the store has your product might be a draw for some people. By advertising that your product as sold at certain establishments by having a logo mat that the establishment can put outside their door, you can draw customers in and increase the likelihood that they will purchase your brand of product. For more information, talk to a custom logo mat...

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Spruce Up Your Decor With a Cowhide Rug: Care and Maintenance Tips

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If you’d like to add a fun touch to your home’s d├ęcor, you should think about buying a cowhide rug. These rugs have a unique shape, and they’re available in different colors. You can hang one on the wall or drape it over the couch. Cowhide is very durable, so it makes a suitable rug for any room in your home. Here’s what you need to know about taking care of one of these rugs. How To Keep Cowhide Clean Cowhide repels liquids so it doesn’t stain very easily. Even tough stains like wine and food usually wipe right off. When you spill something on the rug, try to clean it up right away. Do this by blotting up with liquid with a sponge or cloth. If a stain is left behind, you can remove it with a soapy cloth. Just remember to use a damp cloth rather than one that is soaking wet. There’s no need to soak the rug to clean it, and you never want to put it in the washer or dryer. You can vacuum a cowhide rug to keep dirt and grit off it. However, since these rugs are easy to handle, the best way to clean your rug is to take it outdoors and give it a vigorous shake. This shakes loose dirt and fluffs the rug. What To Do About Bad Odors A cowhide rug should smell like a leather couch, which is not an unpleasant odor. If your rug smells sour, it might be due to moisture or humidity. Try hanging the rug outdoors so the underside is exposed to the sun. This will dry out accumulated moisture and pull out bad odors. You may need to air out your rug on a regular basis or use a dehumidifier in your home to keep your rug dry and free from odors. If your rug picks up a bad odor from a dog or cat that sleeps on it all the time, you can buy a rug deodorizer from the store. These are powders you sprinkle on and brush or vacuum off the rug. How To Deal With Creases And Curls If you need to store your rug for long periods, it’s best to roll it up rather than fold it, so you can avoid creases. However, if your rug does have a crease in it, you can usually remove it easily. Just place the rug flat on the floor and smooth out the crease. Then place a flat, heavy object over the crease to keep the rug weighed down. It may take a few days, but the crease or wrinkle will eventually go away. Curling is a common problem with cowhide rugs because the tips are thinner than the main part of the rug. You can solve this problem by slightly dampening the curled section, stretching it out, and then holding it in place with heavy books. Leave the books in place for a couple of days. When the tips are dry, they should stay flat. Cowhide rugs are very durable and tolerate sun exposure and high foot traffic. However, they do wear down over time when they get heavy use. For that reason, you should rotate the rug or change its location, so it can wear out evenly. One of...

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3 Home Staging Tips That Can Help Sell Your Home In No Time

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Whether you are looking to sell an investment property for a quick profit or sell your primary home so that you can buy a new one, taking the time to stage your home before placing it on the market can make a huge difference in how quickly the house sells. Thankfully, the three home staging tips below can help you to accomplish this goal without spending a small fortune in the process. Tip #1: Keep The Decor Gender Neutral Many homes are bought by couples who are looking for a place to share their life together. While one spouse may be the primary decision maker in the relationship, they will both likely play a role in determining which house they ultimately choose to purchase. Keeping your decor gender neutral will allow them both to envision themselves living in the home. This is especially important in the master bedroom and bathroom as this is the area the couple is most likely to share. Tip #2: Don’t Neglect The Landscape A large number of potential buyers will form an opinion of your home before they ever get out of their car. This opinion is based on the way your home looks from the outside. All too often, a potential buyer may choose to not even look at the rest of the house if the lawn is not trimmed, the landscape maneuvered, and the yard free from clutter. Therefore, the first step to getting a buyer in the door should always be to spruce up the exterior of your home. Some basic yard work and a few freshly planted flowers is all it takes to get this job done. Tip #3: Create An Updated Look By Painting Tiles If your bathroom is a bit out of date, replacing all the old tiles can cost a small fortune. The problem is, you are unlikely to fetch a high selling price with a bathroom that looks like it hasn’t been remodeled since before the turn of the century. Thankfully, you can fix this problem without investing in all new tiles. Rather than replacing your bathroom tiles, consider applying a fresh coat of paint instead. Just be sure to apply a layer of super adhesive primer before you begin painting. This will help to keep the paint from peeling off when exposed to the high humidity levels in your bathroom. This primer will also prevent any old stains from bleeding through your fresh coat of...

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Tips For Choosing An Area Rug For A Child’s Playroom With A Hard Floor

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If your child’s playroom has a hardwood, linoleum or laminate floor, a good way to make the room feel more cozy and welcoming is to add an area rug. An area rug adds a layer of padding so your child doesn’t suffer as many bumps and bruises when he or she tumbles to the floor during playtime. It also adds a layer of insulation, which is nice when the floors get chilly in the winter months. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best area rug for your playroom: Tip #1: Choose a rug with nylon fibers. Unlike many rug materials, nylon is fire-resistant. It will need to be almost directly in a flame in order to melt, and even then, it won’t quickly go up in flames like a cotton or canvas rug would. This will help protect your child from injuries should a fire start. Nylon rugs are available in a wide array of colors and patterns, and are readily available at many home goods stores. Look for one with rubber backing; this will keep it from sliding around on the floor. Tip #2: Choose a complex pattern over a solid-colored rug. In the playroom, an area rug is almost certain to come into contact with staining liquids, such as paint, grape juice and glue. Stains are a lot less obvious on a patterned rug than on a solid colored one. Younger kids may enjoy patterns that include their favorite television or movie characters, while older children may appreciate patterned rugs featuring their favorite musical artists. Of course, geometric patterns are always a fun choice, too. Tip #3: Look for well-padded, plush rugs. Choosing a well-padded rug is especially important if your child is in the toddler stage. He or she is bound to take a tumble or two on the area rug, and the more padding it has, the smaller your chances of having to deal with bruised knees and bumps on the head.  If your kids are older, it’s still nice to get a rug with plenty of padding, since this will be more comfortable when they sit on the floor to play games or chat with their friends. As your child grows, his or her playroom is bound to be the site of many fun experiences. From board games and puppets to beaded necklaces, these experiences will only be enhanced by a safe, comfortable and attractive area rug. For more information on choosing the perfect rug for your child’s playroom...

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